Age-Friendly Resource Kit for Outdoor Recreation Clubs

This resource offers practical strategies and guidelines for recreational clubs and associations to encourage older people to participate in their nature-based activities.

We would like to thank COTA  (Council on the Ageing) who allowed us to expand on their recently published resource HOW TO ENGAGE OLDER PEOPLE IN SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY A resource for sporting, recreation and fitness clubs.

Rather than reinventing the same sound advice OV has re-crafted this resource to address specific issues for outdoor recreation activity providers. Some clubs are already have a large contingency of senior member participants and volunteers. We welcome their advice and assistance in making this resource one of true value to all activity providers.

Why Age Friendly?

Statistics and information on why it is a great idea for your recreation and club to either look at the policies you have in place already regarding welcoming all members of the community

Is your club Age-Friendly?

A checklist and some more guidelines to ensure your club is age-friendly

Encouraging Senior Victorians to your clubs

Now that your club is Age-friendly. What to do next? Let us help you.