Encouraging Senior Victorians to Your Clubs

What to do next now your club is age-friendly
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Check out the latest Grants & Programs available in Victoria.

If you want to look at the physical environment of your clubhouse you might be interested in Design For Everyone: A Guide To Sport And Recreation Settings.

Seniors Online: Submit your Activity Form (this is currently unavailable- Watch this space for an update)

Seniors Online: Submit a discount or special offer Register an event with COTA Victoria. COTA is a great organisation to go to for any issues or more information regarding working specifically with seniors.

Victorian local councils directory. Speak to your local council they will most probably have a program for seniors that you can register your activity with and may help promote your club through their newsletters and website.

Club Help for Volunteers.

Safety & risk management

You don’t need any specific first aid training to welcome seniors to your club.

Still, it is important to know that seniors are more vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

Below is a guide you might refer to when preparing to welcome seniors to your club:

  • Signage: Is it clear and unambiguous?
  • Are your instructions, written and spoken, clear, simple, and understood by all?

Fall prevention

Environmental risk factors

  • Have you removed clutter and tripping hazards?
  • Do you have good lighting?
  • Do you have stair railings?

People over 65 have a higher risk of falling due to a number of factors. Taking care to limit the possibility of a fall is one of the best ways to prepare against injury.

This updated resource, whilst published in the US is a comprehensive guide to how you might go about creating an age-friendly environment, in terms of  preventing falls. It even has form letters you could adapt for your own needs in order to apply for grants.

PREVENTING FALLS: A Guide to Implementing Effective Community-Based Fall Prevention Programs

Queensland Health has an initiative ‘Stay on Your Feet’ which provides a checklist for seniors to consider to prevent falls. This checklist could also be adapted by clubs as a framework for understanding the health of individuals before participating.


Here are a couple of links you can refer to:

SJA-red-WEBSt John’s first aid fact sheets page.

© St John Ambulance Australia. St John first aid protocols are for the Australian market only (not for commercial sale or distribution). All care has been taken in preparing the information but St John takes no responsibility for its use by other parties or individuals. St John encourages first aid training as this information is not a substitute for first aid training. This information is for use over a 12 month period only. For more information on St John first aid training and kits visit http://www.stjohn.org.au/ or call 1300 360 455.



The complete pdf: How to Engage Older people in Sport and Physical Activity published by COTA Victoria

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Seniors card Customer Service

Seniors Card Market

Seniors Card Shopping Environment



Make your club approach successful
  • Show case your club convincing people your club has something for them.
  • Visit older people’s groups to tell them what you have to offer.
  • Have a ‘welcoming’ person at the club who also follows up with newcomers. See ‘Club Help’ website
  • Encourage people to bring a partner or friend.
  • Introduce people gradually and hold a special day/session for newcomers and involve members, volunteers or staff who will make the newcomers welcome. Provide a buddy or support system for newcomers.
  • Make sure all activities include warm ups, cool downs and stretches.
  • Provide a child minding service for those who are looking after small children
  • Network with other clubs to get fresh ideas, support and share information.
How best to promote club activities to older people?

You need to give thought to appropriate promotional materials and the language you use. Remember that older people may not see themselves as being ‘old’, so words like ‘senior’, ‘veterans’, ‘masters’, ‘elderly’, ‘mature age’ and ‘older adult’ may be off putting for some.. Similarly words like ‘exercise’ or ‘physical’ may also discourage older people.

COTA can assist you by reviewing your promotional material.

Other things to consider are:

  • ‘word of mouth’ is the best way to attract older people
  • ‘bring a friend’ is another good personal approach
  • Council newsletters can reach all households
  • posters can be placed where older people are likely to see them: libraries, shopping centres, citizens’ clubs & doctor’s waiting rooms.
  • leaflets give older people something tangible to take away and read. Ensure materials use a large font size, have high colour contrast, and that key information such as place, time and costs are clearly stated
  • local newspapers and radio are a good opportunity for free publicity. Your chances of receiving media coverage are improved if you write a media release about a local person in a positive way with some photos attached. Get to know your local journalists and radio presenters. Local radio is a key source of information for older people, especially ethnic community radio for older people from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  • television is great if you can attract the media with a good story
  • COTA Connect, COTA’s e-newsletter is distributed fortnightly across Victoria and can runyour stories or event notices. Contact Brendan O’Dwyer – bodwyer@cotavic.org.au
  •  digital media including websites and Facebook are inexpensive ways for promotion
Register with Seniors Online

Seniors_Card_WH_logo_rgb120The Seniors online activity directory is where seniors go to look up any registered activities in Victoria that are open for them to participate in. You as an activity provider can register your activities for free here.

Seniors Online: submit a discount or special offer

Any Victorian business or service with a sound reputation and with an Australian Business Number (ABN)  join the program.
There are no fees. To join simply provide a discount or benefit to Card holders!By participating in the Victorian Seniors Card program, your business can reach over 950,000 Victorian Seniors Card holders. Your reach has the potential to go even further as most discounts are also offered to the 3.2 million Seniors Card holders Australia-wide.

For more information, or for assistance with filling out this form, phone 1300 797 210 or email

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