ecome a Nature Steward and learn about your local environment, meet like-minded people, and find ways to get outdoors and volunteer!

Nature Stewards is a 10-week program that will introduce you to your local and wider Victorian ecosystems and natural places, including:

  • Rocks and soils
  • Fungi, plants, and animals
  • Climate change and seasons
  • Ways to care for Country and manage private property
  • Being a citizen scientist, conservation volunteer, advocate for nature, or a nature guide
  • How and where you can get outdoors and volunteer in your area

    This program is open to anyone over the age of 18, however preference is currently given to residents of the council areas.

    ***Please note: due to COVID-19, part/all of the Nature Stewards programs may have to be delivered online at short notice, using ZOOM. All participants will need access to a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet and a decent connection to access the internet.

    Program places available via application for each program location.

    Upcoming Spring 2022 programs:

    -Geelong region program – City of Greater Geelong + The Geelong Field Naturalist Club

    -Whittlesea region program 

    -Ballarat Program

    Please note, in following current Government directions, participants and staff of 2022 programs will need to be fully COVID vaccinated, to ensure COVID safe programs.

    Questions about the program


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    • 10 x Weekly classes (3 hours)
    • 4 x Field sessions  (4 hrs)
    • Certificate of completion


    • Over the age of 18
    • Best suited to those with little or no formal environmental education
    • Willing to try, or continue, environmental volunteering
    • Able to take part in Saturday field trips (4 during program, 4 hours in length)
    Geelong Program

    Spring Program:

    When:  July 23rd -> October 1st (excluding Grand Final weekend) 

    Saturdays classes: 9.30 – 12.30pm, six to seven Field sessions to follow approx. 1 – 4.30pm on given dates (to be confirmed)

    Where: Leopold Community Hub, 31-39 Kensington Road, Leopold

    Cost: City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) resident: $140 full fee, $70 Concession
    Non-CoGG resident: $350 full fee; $90 Concession*
    *Conc.: healthcare card holder, pensioner & full-time student


    Spring Program:

    When:  September 17th -> December 3rd (excluding Grand Final weekend, Melbourne Cup Long weekend)
    Saturdays classes: 9.30 – 12.30pm, with four field sessions to follow approx. 1 – 4.30pm on given dates (to be confirmed)
    Where: Janefield Community Centre, Bundoora + the final weeks at Kirrip Community Centre, Wollert East
    Cost: City of Whittlesea resident: $250 full fee, $90 Concession*

    Non-City of Whittlesea resident: $350 full fee; $90 Concession*

    *Conc.: healthcare card holder, pensioner & full-time student


    city of Ballarat Program

    Spring Program:

    When: October 1st -> December 10th (excluding Melbourne Cup Long weekend)
    Saturdays classes: 9.30 – 12.30pm, with four field sessions to follow approx. 1 – 4.30pm on given dates (to be confirmed)
    Where: Lucas Community Hub, Lucas
    Cost: City of Ballarat resident: $90
    Non-City of Ballarat resident: $350 full fee; $90 Concession*
    *Conc.: healthcare card holder, pensioner & full-time student


    “This has been such a wonderful experience. I’ve learnt so much and feel motivated to learn more. Somehow I missed out on learning about these things in the past. Maybe because I moved schools a few times in high school. I’m such a devotee of nature and this is giving me a much deeper appreciation. The quality of the presenters has been extraordinary. I feel privileged to have met and heard their wisdom. I find myself sharing these learnings in conversation and surprising people with information about their local environment. It’s exciting.”- Leesa, Melbourne 2019

    “The Nature Stewards program was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the ecosystems in Melbourne, in Victoria, and beyond. As an immigrant to Australia, I am glad to now know so much more about my new home – and about how to get involved in its natural environment. The combination of well-researched lessons, excellent guest speakers, varied volunteer information, and engaging field sessions made for an inspiring course. With the changing climate and a society that is still far too focused on consumerism and “using” resources rather than preserving them, I believe that this program is essential to the community, and that the city and state would benefit greatly from having as many people take it as possible. I am proud to call myself a Nature Steward.”– Adam, Melbourne 2019

    “Thank you for the awesome opportunity presented in these field sessions and for arousing my curiosity in various aspects with regard to engaging with the nature around us.” – Chrysolyte, Melbourne 2019

    It’s been a wonderful experience, and I have learned so much about nature and Victoria. There’s a lot of knowledge that will stay with me for my entire life, and many areas that I will do further research into!” – Sophie, Melbourne 2019

    “The program has been very informative and all of the speakers have been excellent”– Mary-Jane, Manningham 2019

    “It’s been life changing”- Louise, Melton 2019

    “There were many highlights from the program! Rusty was passionate, engaging, knowledgeable. The expert presenters were fantastic and I always enjoyed listening and learning from them. Meeting like-minded individuals and feeling part of a collective with similar values and passions was another great part of the program.” – Katie, Melton 2019

    People I’ve met during the program, learning about new areas of interest e.g fungi, geology, aboriginal perspectives, the field trips, opportunity to present on a topic of interest.”- John, Melbourne 2019

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