Enjoy more time doing what you love in the outdoors, knowing that OV can continue to:


  1. Reinforce the role of outdoor education, recreation, tourism and Bush Adventure therapy as a cornerstone of our economy and our communities.
  2. Provide advice to government, based on discussions and feedback from our members.
  3. Keep on top of policy changes that affect our community eg. the recent Marine Safety Act amendment Bill.
  4. Push for government investment in Victoria’s regional economies: We now have strong economic evidence to strengthen our voice thanks to projects such as the “Victoria’s nature-based outdoor economy Key estimates and recommendations”. which OV, in partnership with The Victorian Government commissioned in 2016. This independent analysis showed the enormous value ($6.2 billion per year), nature-based outdoor activities add to Victoria’s economy.
  5. Support and advocate for specific sectors when needed, by providing introductions between key organisations, and promoting relevant events for members: eg: International Adventure Therapy Conference being hosted by Australia in Wollongong in 2018.
  6. Provide valuable networking & learning opportunities for the outdoors community through our annual Education Outdoors Conferences & Nature-based Tourism Forums.
  7. Develop outdoor learning resources for all sectors: One example is the current OV & DET project, collating learning outdoors case studies of educators. This exciting body of work will be shared with a wider audience of educators, leading to increased physical activity levels, wellbeing & better academic performance.
  8. Keep you up-to-date on the latest news through our monthly newsletter.
  9. Drive the collective state effort towards a unified set of Australian Adventure Activity Standards.
  10. Grow our staff capacity so we can build on our service to the outdoors community of Victoria.

Why the change?

Over the past couple of years OV has trialled several different Affiliate Membership models. We must admit it’s been a balancing act getting it right and with increased pressures on the government purse, now is the time to ask OUR COMMUNITY for financial support. Thanks to excellent feedback from the community we’ve hit the reset button, creating a simple new structure, whilst offering more value.

What’s New?

  • 5 new levels of affiliate membership.
  • Online payments now available 24/7.
  • Membership is valid for 12 months, regardless of when you sign up.
  • New ‘Key Supporter” & ‘Affiliate member’ Logos for you to use on your websites & email signatures.
  • Unique Affiliate membership number to assist in streamlining our admin processes and your access to discounts.
  • Upload and update your organisation’s details using our new online form for your exclusive webpage on this site.
  • Eligibility to discounts from a growing number of partners.
  • An opportunity to be ‘the proud sponsor’ of each monthly newsletter, which is distributed to thousands of subscribers. (this is coming soon and only 1 slot available per month).