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A fantastic FREE opportunity for students to experience the great outdoors!

Positive Start 2022 is a Victorian Government initiative seeking to re-engage primary and secondary
students and to boost their physical and emotional health and wellbeing in the wake of the
coronavirus pandemic.

Students who attend a government or low-fee non-government school will get more opportunities
to attend free camps in 2022. These programs are completely free, there is no cost for schools or
parents/carers. With Positive Start 2022, Victorian students can be more active, reconnect with
friends and find inspiration in new and exciting places.

Outdoors Victoria (OV) is contracted by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to
administer the Journey-based components of the Positive Start 2022 Camps program. Positive Start
aims to deliver 80,000 overnight places for students who would not normally attend camps, around
10,000 of which will be Journey-based programs.

Journeys may range in style from a 5-day trip (usually bushwalk, canoe or cycle) often involving
lightweight camping in tents in the Australian bush to an overnight bushwalk heading out and
returning to a residential camp. Journeys offer powerful learning opportunities that can involve one
or multiple forms of travel. This is a unique one-off initiative to enable schools to experience a
professionally delivered adventurous journey experiential program. These programs have
demonstrated capacity to be significantly life changing events in a young person’s educational

Eight DET Positive Start approved Journey providers have been selected to ensure Journey programs
are of the highest standard. OV and the professional Journey providers will work with schools to
determine the best program fit for your students.

Zero cost

Positive Start 2022 programs are free for schools and parents. Journey Providers will
supply all required equipment, along with a team of professional outdoor educators/leaders to
facilitate programs. Programs will be fully led and facilitated by qualified professional Outdoor
experts. Accompanying school staff will not require any specialist skills or expertise.

How to Book a Positive Start Journey Program

Simply follow the four steps below to book a Positive Start Journey program:
1. Check that your school has received an invitation to be part of Positive Start. If you are not on the
Positive Start eligible schools list please contact OV for further information.
2. Look through the available Journey programs from the eight providers listed at
3. Choose your preferred provider and make contact to discuss your specific program requirements.
4. Book directly with the provider
For enquiries or help with your booking, please feel free to contact us (OV) on 03 8822 2275 or email