Active Outdoor Recreation

OV advocates for the outdoor active recreation community by providing:

  • outdoor clubs and peak organisations networking opportunities enabling the sector to connect and grow
  • advice to the sector on current safety and regulatory developments through our exhaustive work on the Adventure Activity Standards
  • advocacy and support forOutdoors sector initiatives that are dedicated to facilitating sustainable, respectful outdoors experiences
  • working with government, advocating for more support of women and girls to engage with outdoor activities

Adventure Activity Standards (AAS)

The Adventure Activity Standards is a set of safety guidelines drafted by volunteer activity experts in each particular field for Victoria. They were created to assist adventure activity leaders in ensuring the safety of the groups they are responsible for. At the moment each state and territory maintains its own set of Adventure Activity Standards (AAS). These will remain the current standard in the respective state and territory until that state or territory adopts the Australian AAS, which is currently being drafted. Outdoors Victoria is the secretariat of the Australian AAS.

Keeping you updated on latest policy and motivating action

Sometimes we just have to keep our ear to the ground on changes in government policy or be open to listen and act quickly when a alert comes through from someone in our community. Below are some examples where OV’s swift action provided much needed help to the outdoors community:

Nature-Based Outdoor Activities

We’ve compiled a list of outdoor activities in Victoria for all ages, including links to seniors card discounts section. Contact us if your organisation provides an outdoor activity that you would like added to this section.

Women in the Outdoors

A lot of great research, policy and ground work has already been done to enable an increase in women’s participation in sport through initiatives such as: Change our game and This Girl Can- VIC. The work has produced some valuable resources, some of which are relevant for women and girls in the nature-based recreation space such as: Guidelines for the recruitment and retention of women in leadership roles and Inquiry into women and girls in sport and Active Recreation.

We support further specific attention given to the barriers to women’s participation in nature-based recreational activities in terms of removing  them and have been working behind the scene to support programs, policy and culture change.

We support The Office for Women in Sport and Recreationthe first Office of its kind in Australia, which was created by the Victorian Government in response to the Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Recreation.


Policy: Unlock the Potential of the Outdoor Community

The full potential of commercial and community-based outdoor organisations can be realised through skills development, smarter regulation and facilitative research. Read our 2014 Outdoor Policy Agenda

Active Seniors in the Outdoors

OV partnered up with Seniors Online, The Australian Camps Association and Sport & Recreation Victoria to provide easier access to Age-friendly activities in Victoria’s Outdoors