Bush Adventure Therapy

Bush therapists are a diverse field of practice in Australia. Internationally referred to as Adventure Therapy.  Australian ‘bush adventure therapy’ is an application of what could more broadly be referred to as ‘integrative outdoor healthcare’.
It commonly combines comprehensive therapeutic and ethical frameworks with elements of nature contact, small group work and healthy adventure that are often connected to or integrated within the landscapes of people’s lives. These interventions are typically individually chosen and tailored to the specific needs of individuals and groups.

Who is it for?

Bush Adventure Therapy is being used in Australia for the prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery from broad ranging adversity such as; mental health concerns, substance issues, chronic illness, disability, complex trauma and PTSD, family violence, family breakdown, crime prevention etc. It is used with young people, older people and even people approaching the end of life. It is used across gender and culturally diverse spectrums. It’s for all of us.

The AABAT National Forum has a new date!

Unfortunately, the ongoing uncertainty and the implications of South Australian border closures to the eastern states due to the Delta variation of Covid-19 have resulted in the AABAT committee's decision to postpone the 2021 AABAT National Forum to October 22/23...

VIC AABAT Spring Workshop

Philosophical & Practical Immersion for Practitioners in Nature & ACT Alternative Directions founder, Adam Dickinson, is offering a workshop exploring the uses of therapeutic theories and resources based around Acceptance & Commitment Therapy combined with...

Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc (AABAT)

AABAT Inc. is a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers from within the field of bush adventure therapy. They are building an increasing presence in Australia and internationally as an organisation that brings knowledge and resources together for practitioners and organisations that have an interest in using outdoor places for therapeutic ends.


Support this amazing group of volunteers who connect people to the healing benefits of the bush whilst enjoying the many benefits becoming a member gives back.

Regenerate- Recovery Through Bush Adventure Therapy

Run by women for women, REGENERATE provides free therapeutic outdoor experiences for small groups of women, or women with children who are survivors of Family Violence.