Updates directly from Department of Education (DET) apply from today 18 June, 2021

Camps, playgrounds, pools and other school facilities and activities

All Victorian schools:
  • Camps and overnight stays can take place across Victoria with no travel restrictions.
  • Multiple schools can attend camps providing school groups remain separated and do not share common facilities at the same time.
  • Outdoor education including excursions and overnight stays, for the purpose of outdoor education are permitted.
  • Programs should only operate for staff and student from single schools.


  • Excursions are permitted throughout Victoria. There are no restrictions on travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.
  • There is no group size limit (but students should be in their class group) and excursions must be conducted in line with any specific capacity limits on venues that are being used.
  • In most cases, density limits can be removed when a venue is being accessed by staff and students from a single school only. However, schools should check with venues to confirm any additional obligations under the Restricted Activity Directions.

Collection of student contact details on excursions for contact-tracing

  • Excursion venues are responsible for managing record keeping for contact tracing in line with current public health directives. Venues are required to use electronic record keeping that connects with a digital system provided by Services Victoria.
  • An electronic or hard copy list of student names (full name required) and contact numbers must be provided to the venue. Students are not required to individually check-in at the venue on the day.
  • Schools should contact venues prior to the excursion to discuss record keeping arrangements, particularly to clarify responsibility of entering student details into the digital system.
  • The Department of Health has strongly recommended that a contact number for each individual student (as per the student’s school file) is provided to venues for recording purposes. If providing a private contact number for a student poses a privacy risk or the contact number is unknown, the school’s 24-hr contact number may be used, but this should be the exception.
  • Schools are reminded to keep accurate internal records of the names and contact details of staff and students who attended excursions as well as the names and addresses of the locations and times visited.

There are no restrictions on travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

With regards to non-school bookings and upcoming school holiday programs, advice received from Business Victoria today confirms that:

  • You can have a group of one household plus an additional 5 adults (plus their dependents) per booking* (regional Victoria) or one household plus an additional 2 adults (plus their dependents) per booking* (Metropolitan Melbourne) on your site.
  • You can have multiple bookings of this size on site as long as they do not share accommodation.
  • Adults can share accommodation as long as they are from the same booking. i.e. no intermingling of groups in accommodation areas.
  • If one child is booked into a school holiday program individually, this child can be put into a room with another child.
  • Children should be spread out as much as possible to try to minimise the number of children in shared rooms.

*A booking refers to a single room/premises. There may be several bookings in one transaction, for example, where a business books multiple hotel rooms for its workers in one hotel. These are considered different bookings.

Continue to follow your COVIDSafe plans and monitor the state government sites which change frequently.

*thanks to the Australian Camps Association for sharing this information

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