Careers in the Outdoors

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On Thursday 24th May, Outdoors Victoria and Victoria University will be hosting the first  Careers in the Outdoors day for Year 10 students across Victoria.

As an important representative of your position in the outdoor sector we welcome your interest in creating a half hour session to be presented to two separate student groups.


Choosing to study outdoor and environmental studies can lead to many exciting career possibilities. By identifying and exploring outdoor career paths, you and your colleagues from diverse segments of the outdoor sector, can inspire students to pursue these possibilities. 



Where and When


Victoria University, Footscray Campus
You will be notified of the exact location within the campus when we know.



You are welcome to be a part of the whole day but it’s not compulsory. The only commitment we need from you is for the 2 sessions below.

  • 10.30am- 11.00am: First Breakout session
  • 11.45am- 12.15pm: Second Breakout session


  • 12.20pm: Students gather in L Courtyard for lunch. Opportunity to meet industry representatives. If you are available you are encouraged to stick around to chat to the students and of course represent your organisation (including banners).


Content Guidelines


  • the skills you’ve picked up along the way
  • the different skills you employ in your current position
  • the paths you’ve taken to get to the point you find yourself

Please include at least 5 minutes of active engagement with the students if at all possible, remembering that you are presenting to 15 year olds.

  • You are an ambassador for the type of outdoor work you engage in.
  • Please try to place what you do, and what your organisation does, into a wider context of the sector in which you work.
  • The session is not a marketing opportunity for your organisation. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

Marketing Opportunities
  • You can add marketing material into the student showbag.

Material for bags need to be delivered to the university before 25 Apr 2018

  • 12.20 pm: As an industry representative you will have the opportunity to meet with students when they gather in L Courtyard for lunch. There will be a table provided for you if you request it in the adjoining form and you can bring along your banners.
  • 2:00pm: Prize/s drawn for competition entries

Would your organisation like to donate a prize? 



Draft Timetable
9.00am: Students arrive for registration (Start time TBC)
9.45am: Talks begin

9.45am: Welcome to event / opening

9.50am: Address by Mark Dingle, OV Chair

10.10: Ambassadors will sort and assemble students for break out sessions
10.30am: First Breakout session begins
11.00am: First breakout session ends


11.15am: Students to gather in L Courtyard for break
11.25am: Ambassadors will sort and assemble students for break out sessions
11.45am: Second Breakout session begins
12.15pm: Second breakout session ends
12.20pm: Students gather in L Courtyard for lunch

Opportunity to meet industry representatives

12.50pm: School groups start to assemble for afternoon activity


1.30pm: Group Activity commences

2:00pm: Group Activity ends

2:00pm: Prize drawn for competition entries

2.00pm: Students leave- bags offered to students