Clare Dallat, Executive Director of Research and Innovation, and Director of Risk Resolve at The Outdoor Education Group has been awarded the prestigious Reb Gregg Wilderness Risk Management Award for 2018!

BIG Congratulations to you Clare from everyone at OV! 

Clare is will be accepting her award at the  WILDERNESS RISK MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE, PORTLAND, OREGON in OCTOBER.

The award recognises significant contribution to risk management in the outdoor education profession. Clare is the first person outside of North America to be awarded this significant honour.

When we pressed her for a comment on winning the award she had this to say:

“I’m truly honoured and humbled to have received this award from the Wilderness Risk Management Committee. I’ve been so fortunate to have worked alongside many wonderful practitioners and academics over the past twenty years that have challenged, supported and enabled my continued learning and development in outdoor risk management. This award is testament to teamwork, and to never settling for status quo. Above all, it is for the people on our programs: that they both experience the most enriching outdoor program and where their genuine care and protection from harm are the ultimate aims”.

Clare has worked at The Outdoor Education Group since 2003 during which time she earned a Masters Degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, and has recently submitted her PhD which focused on designing contemporary accident prediction methods for led outdoor activities. Clare has been invited to present her practice and research all over the world, and has authored peer reviewed articles and book chapters in outdoor risk management.

This award recognises the significant contribution Clare has made to improving safety within the outdoor education profession internationally, over the past twenty years. The Outdoor Education Group were also thrilled to congratulate her on this significant achievement.