Climate Safety: Is Our Industry truly leaving no trace? YMCA Discovery Camps Case Study

Climate Safety: Is Our Industry truly leaving no trace?
YMCA Discovery Camps Case Study


3:45 – 4:35 pm
13th of July

Room: Stringy Bark 2

Joel Thompson
Ellen Worthington
Brendan Smith

The Outdoor and Victorian Camping sector is presented with an opportunity to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities through progressive industry-led carbon-neutral initiatives. In 2020, YMCA Discovery Camps Victoria set an ambitious target of 30% carbon emissions reduction by 2030. Through the certified consultancy and advisory services Island Energy has provided to the Y, 100% carbon emissions reduction can now be achieved by 2030. This means that the Y will get to Net Zero without taking the easy way out or taking the risk of misusing offsetting via writing a tick-box cheque. Greenwashing must and can be avoided. A key component of the Y’s Roadmap towards NetZero is Green Education for program participants and we look forward to sharing these opportunities with you. This presentation will be a panel discussion with industry members and will explore the important role that camps and led outdoor activity providers can play in embedding sustainability practices and principles into their organisation whilst enabling step change towards a greener future for all, utilising the Y Discovery Camps Case Study.

About the Presenters

● Island Energy Project Manager 
● YMCA Camps NetZero Consultant
● International Camping Fellowship (ICF) Board Member

● Island Energy Advisor 

● YMCA Sustainability Consultant 

● Aurecon Senior Sustainability Advisory Consultant

● YMCA Camps General Manager 

● YMCA Camps NetZero Lead 

● International Camping Fellowship 
(ICF) Australian Ambassador

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