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CVAC News May 2024

CVAC News May 2024

There have been some big steps forward for CVAC and the climbing community over the last couple of months.

CVAC has just submitted an application to Consumers Affairs Victoria for the incorporation of Climbing Victoria, a peak
body representing outdoor climbing and climbers. This is the culmination of several years of work by representatives of
climbing organisations and individuals to build relationships between the climbing community, Parks Victoria and
Traditional Owners. Our recently circulated proposal for the organisation’s purposes, values and structure was well
supported through a survey process and provided the platform for the formation of the formal incorporated body. Once
the incorporation application has been approved we will progress the process of appointing the first board. We‘re
expecting this to be sometime in June.

We are also pleased to report that the Gariwerd Assessments are now underway with the first of the 50 proposed sites
being visited in March. CVAC respects the time and effort that the Traditional Owners have made to get this activity
underway; it will be well appreciated by the climbing community. Please continue to respect the use of Designated
Climbing Areas in the meantime.

In April, CVAC had the privilege to meet with representatives of Barengi Gadjin, Eastern Maar and Gunditj Mirring, the
Traditional Owner organisations jointly managing Gariwerd. The meeting, hosted by Parks Victoria, was a chance to
introduce our organisation, its objectives and values and to hear Traditional Owner perspectives and values. It was a
valuable discussion and a positive introduction.

The Gariwerd office of Parks Victoria has approved two major working bees organised by CSV. The first was the clearing of
the Mt Rosea access trail, requiring the cutting of significant fallen trees. This was completed May 4 and the trail is back in
great condition after many years of decline. The second is the rebuilding of The Watchtower access trail. A solid weekend
of work over May 17-19 saw a good group of volunteers contributing to the construction of steps up the steep trail. There
is plenty more work to be done, so please lend a hand on a Saturday morning over the next few weeks.

In our recent meeting with PV, they indicated:

  • They are installing approx. 15 bollards at the start of climbing access trails in Gariwerd to better identify their location and avoid track duplication. They are also installing permanent information signage at some of the popular climbing areas.
  • In Dyurrite, while Stage 1 (field work assessments) have been completed, the Stage 2 Determinations (deciding on protective measures) remain paused due to the complexity and resource requirements for this process. Timelines for the commencement and completion of this stage still need to be clarified but the status quo remains in the meantime.
  • Two significant fires impacted the Gariwerd NP – Bellfield/Pomonal and Mt Stapylton/Dadswells Bridge. Minor impacts on park assets and climbing areas but significant impacts on the townships and some PV staff and climbers.

We also put forward two submissions; one for all-abilities access to Summer Day Valley, and another for the retention of Camp Sandy.

Please reach to the organisation you are most closely linked to for further queries, thank you, CVAC.