Draft Policy Agenda

Our 2014 Policy Priorities

We believe the following priorities and outcomes are essential for Victoria’s future prosperity and wellbeing. In this agenda, we outline possible policies to achieve these goals. This agenda is offered in the spirit of openness and dialogue, and we look forward to discussions with all interested groups in Victoria.


Last year, Victoria had the chance to reinforce the role of outdoor education, recreation and tourism as a cornerstone of our economy and our communities.

We should embrace this opportunity. Living life outdoors is the Aussie way. It is the best way for our kids to become healthy, happy, well-rounded and independent adults.

And in terms of bang for buck, it is one of the best ways of achieving public health, wellbeing, and regional economic development goals.


There is much to celebrate already.

Victoria is blessed with landscapes of great beauty, and a culture that draws us to the beach, the bush, the rivers and snowfields.

We are recognised internationally, for splendid natural places worth visiting, but also as a global centre of excellence in outdoor and environmental education. Our outdoor-oriented lifestyle remains vibrant, but it also faces challenges in the modern world.

Our children are drawn as much to screen-based entertainment as they are to outdoor activity, and their health and development can suffer as a result.

And both economic pressures and environmental changes present major challenges for the outdoor community.

To help us respond to these challenges, Outdoors Victoria encourages all political parties to seize the opportunity to make outdoor life a central component of their policy development and election commitments

Help Get Kids Outdoors

Giving children better opportunities to learn and play in nature leads to lifelong improvements in their education, health and wellbeing outcomes.

Key Outcome:

By 2016, every child in Victoria should be given the opportunity through their school and community to have a meaningful experience of nature and outdoor activity at each stage of their development.

Invest in the regional outdoor economy

Strategic investment in outdoor infrastructure and events, as well as ecosystem health, is a powerful driver of prosperity and wellbeing for regional Victoria.

Key Outcome:

Over the decade 2015-2025, the Victorian government should boost public and private investment in recreational & tourism infrastructure, land management and ecosystem health by 6% real growth per year.

Unlock the potential of the outdoor community

The full potential of commercial and community-based outdoor organisations can be realised through skills development, smarter regulation and research.

Key Outcome:

By 2020, outdoor businesses and community groups should express a high degree of confidence that they have the skilled workforce and facilitative regulatory structures they need to succeed.