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Provider Overview

WILD is a Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) service within EACH, a national community health organisation that has been providing social and community services for over 40 years. EACH operates across Victoria and NSW and has a wide variety of early intervention programs aimed at assisting young people to stay connected or reconnect with family, school, training, work and community.  

The WILD program gives young people a safe space to discover who they are and encourages their personal development by connecting them to their surrounding environment.

The camps are 5 days long, are tailored to the group’s needs and are a fully immersive wilderness experience in a remote environment in Victoria. The venue and activity of the journey ranges from hiking up in the High Plains, rafting the Thomson River, to flat water canoeing on the Murray River. 

The journey is the heart of the WILD program. It supports the creation and achievement of shared community goals, offers the experience of healthy routines and commitment to achieving individual aims. Relationships are explored with each other, peers, staff/facilitators, nature and most importantly themselves. 

Participants are encouraged to be involved with the planning of the journey, co-creating and taking ownership of their experience.

We ask at least 1 school representative who knows the students to be fully involved with the program from start to finish and continue the learnings from this amazing experience with the students’ post program.

Outdoor activities and Journey travel methods can include:

Bushwalking/hikingRiver sledding
RaftingStand-up paddle boarding
White Water RaftingRock Climbing

WILD offers a specialised intervention for young people to be able to make positive changes through Bush Adventure Therapy. The WILD program is not just a wilderness experience but is also a therapeutic program with an intentional model of practice. There are clear and defined objectives, individual goals are identified at the start of the program and support is provided to participants on their journey to achieving those goals.

Our school camps are co-designed with the partnering school who have an identified, or existing cohort of 12 participants who would benefit from a Bush Adventure Therapy program.  Safety and care plans are created prior to the camp and the journey is uniquely tailored and intentionally structured to meet the particular needs of the group, allowing for physical fitness, distance from home and individual needs, amongst others.

WILD journeys are designed for small groups of 12 and are best suited to student cohorts 14-19 years old, but can be adapted for younger cohorts of Year 7 and 8.  

We are an early intervention program working with young people who are: starting to disengage with school, community or family; are struggling with their mental health; are looking for opportunities to increase their self-confidence and self worth; are ready to make positive changes in their lives.

We have 2 specific weeks set aside for Positive Start programs: 

→ Monday 8th August to Friday 12th August

→ Monday 14th November to Friday 18th November

Please contact us if these dates do not work with your school.  Program dates may be available until Friday 16th December.

We encourage the locations of these camps to be decided in partnership with the school and students.

To book, please email wild@each.com.au and we can contact you to discuss how the program can support your students.

You can also call WILD on 03 8878 3800.


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