Education groups and minimal impact practices in the outdoors

Education groups and minimal impact practices in the outdoors


12:45 – 1:35 pm
14th of July

Room: Stringy Bark 1

Emma Hickey
Ailsa Batey

Minimal impact practices help to protect the environment and when taught aligned with values, they encourage behaviour change for conservation in younger generations. Delve into why we teach about biodiversity and the best ways interact with nature. Hear how and why we tread lightly, being respectful of Aboriginal and non-aboriginal cultural heritage, and how you can interpret those landscapes. Learn with likeminded colleagues on what minimal impact looks like when in a group.

About the Presenters

Emma is an environmental educator at Parks Victoria with aspirations to bridge connections with nature for all young people. Having taught in classrooms and outdoor education settings, and for excursion providers, Emma will bring diverse perspectives on what minimal impact practices with education groups in the outdoors can look like, whilst learning about protecting nature. Emma will be joined by a fellow Park Ranger, who will bring their practical land management expertise to the discussion.

Ailsa Batey is an experienced environmental educator and interpretation specialist who is passionate about providing opportunities for people to connect with nature. Her current focus is helping people to develop and strengthen their environmental values by providing experiences that allow visitors to discover lesser-known stories in the landscape.

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