Our Education Conference 2015 is LIVE! Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team. There is still much to do as we have big plans to make this year even more interesting and exciting with new presentations and workshops and streams of learning, plus a plethora of extra outdoor activities on Sunday, after the official conference.

This year our intention is to go as paperless as possible, so there won’t be show bags or plastic folders (the leftovers of which I’m still trying to find a use for). Everything you’ll need will be digital.

Now before some of you get upset and bombard me with emails about the injustice of such a move there will be a couple of paper copies of the program floating around but we are going to try to save as many trees as possible, which I’m sure in theory most people are ok with.

For now to access more detail, if you haven’t received your email invitation go here .


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