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We have an amazing line up of inspiring keynote speakers for the conference already!

Outdoor Education Is? A film made by Outdoor Education students at Federation University. Education Outdoors Conference 2014

List of speakers & presentions

We have the first round of presenters up and running. Stay tuned for updated information on all presentations, and new presenters added to the list

Dr Rachael Sharman

Dr Rachael Sharman is a lecturer and researcher in psychology, specialising in child/adolescentdevelopment.
Rachael’s research is focused on the optimal and healthy development of the paediatric brain, and has covered the neuro/psychological impacts of: dietary practices of parents and their children; physical activity; obesity; sport participation; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; phenylketonuria; concussion and childhood trauma.

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Rachael worked for over 15 years in a variety of child-related fields including child protection, juvenile justice (forensics), disability, advocacy and genetic research. Rachael’s PhD research proposed new clinical guidelines to prevent cognitive impairments caused by a genetic disorder, phenylketonuria (PKU), and has been cited in the American College of Genetics and Genomics Practice Guidelines. In 2002, successfully lobbied the Queensland Health Minister to invest in expanded newborn screening. This has prevented the unnecessary death or disability caused by genetic disorders if left undetected and untreated. Rachael remains committed to research that ensures children have the best possible chance to meet their full potential and her current interests include: diet-mental health relationships; children’s play opportunities; child protection issues including sexual abuse and trafficking; adolescent arson and self-harm; transitions from education to the workplace. Rachael is an enthusiastic and engaging public speaker and is regularly seen in the media, including newspapers (e.g., Sunshine Coast Daily, The Courier-Mail, Herald Sun), magazines, internet (ABC news, SBS news, The Conversation), radio (ABC and commercial), and commercial television (e.g., the news and the Project). Research publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rachael_Sharman?ev=hdr_xprf


Cathryn Carpenter and Sandy Allen-Craig

Don Watson

“Don Watson’s magnificent, celebratory, contradictory study of the Australian bush will challenge the national imagination . . . An amiable, learned, playful and engrossing book . . . [A] great, succulent magic pudding of a book . . .

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Most of what we read is nothing like we would have expected . . . There is a sense that an amiable and eloquent uncle is telling us everything piquant he knows about theology and culture and land use and the beasts and flora and families of the bush.” -Thomas Keneally, Weekend Australian

Tim Cope

Tim Cope is an internationally award-winning Australian author, adventurer and filmmaker, best known for his iconic three year, 10,000km journey by horse on the trail of nomads made famous by Genghis Khan.

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