Education Outdoors Conference 2018

Your Future in the Outdoors

Above: Welcome to the final cut of highlights created by Brainsick Productions & Hynesight Productions
Above: Excerpts from Peter Martin’s wonderful keynote film. FULL VERSION OUT NOW
In 2018 our Education Outdoors Conference we focussed on future career pathways for everyone in the outdoors sector. 
At a time when care for the environment is once again coming to the fore within the social consciousness, the need to reconnect with nature and natural spaces is becoming holistically important. Whilst acknowledging the many benefits of technology, the impact of society’s increased engagement with it has resulted in our disengagement from the natural world, causing negative effects on our general mental and physical wellbeing. People with the skills to connect others back to nature, in all sorts of meaningful ways, are increasingly becoming leaders and teachers of great value. The Education Outdoors Conference 2018: ‘Your future in the Outdoors’ Conference will be focussing on future careers and pathways such as career and workforce development; health and active living in the outdoors; skills and practical development; teaching & learning; Human-Nature; Adventure Safety & Risk, Early years & bush Kinders; Inclusion; Outdoor career and career development and sport science and the outdoors.The program will explore and inspire discussion about sustainable professional careers for our community and the positive impacts we can have across society.