El Niño – a dangerous kid to play with outdoors

El Niño – a dangerous kid to play with outdoors.


2:35 – 3:25 pm
14th of July

Room: Wattle

Jorge Acevedo

El Niño is a powerful climate event impacting the whole planet, especially the continents around the Pacific Ocean, including Australia. In this talk, you will understand how El Niño works, when it will hit next, how it affects the outdoors industry in multidimensional ways, and how to be prepared for it. The talk will be interactive with the audience, using some technology, experiments and exercises to better understand the topic. Bring your mobile phone with enough battery!

About the Presenters

Jorge is Head of Sustainability at the Mexican Agency of Antarctic Studies (AMEA), an NGO working to bring closer Antarctica to Mexico by promoting Antarctic science, conservation and collaboration. Jorge specialises in carbon markets and sustainable development, working with companies, governments and communities to implement strategic climate action. Recently, Jorge has pivoted from the technical to the communication side of environmental stewardship.

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