Welcome to the Outdoors Victoria’s Find your careers portal. On this webpage you will find career information on a range of prospective career paths in the outdoors. For more information please click each of the below headers. 

Interactive Quiz

Engages students in practical and active learning experiences, typically in natural settings, for benefits to the person, the community and nature.

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Video Biographies

What does a day in life in the outdoors look like? Click here to navigate to a range of videos explaining what different jobs in the outdoors.

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Career Posters

Click here to find a range of posters unpacking six outdoor careers


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Educator Lesson Plans

Click here to access lesson plans aimed at introducing the outdoors to high school students in Year 8/9, 9/10 and 11/12

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Teacher / Career Officers Portal

Teachers and career educators click here to find out more information on a career in the outdoors.  Page includes lesson plans, webtools and posters

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Student Portal

Students click here to find out more information on what a career in the outdoors looks like.


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