A valuable new service enabling better decisions in the Alpine National Park during the snow season!

As ABC news recently highlighted in their online news and on Sunday 13th June’s national 7pm TV news, if you’re a winter mountain sports enthusiast, a backcountry skier or snowboarder, hiker, snow-shoer,
climber, outdoor educator, scout leader, or outdoor guide, Mountain Safety Collective(MSC) is a valuable new service, providing daily mountain conditions reports, to help you make better decisions in the Alpine National Park during the snow season across Winter and early Spring.

MSC is a free public information service, and it’s easy to use!

2 public signs in a park settingThe Program / Platform

MSC publishes daily ‘mountain conditions reports’, relevant for anyone travelling within the Alpine National Park during the snow season, including those staying at the resorts and heading from the resorts into
the backcountry. Information focuses on avalanche risk, ice conditions and exposure levels.The goal of the communication is aligned around promoting better decision making, so more people have enjoyable rewarding experiences in the Alpine National Park. As a result, less government rescue resources and personnel being deployed and also importantly less accidents and fatalities.

MSC’s co-founder and Vice President Simon Murray was excited that MSC secured Craig Sheppard, who has global expertise, as the Program Director and Lead Forecaster. Simon said, “Craig comes to the program from Lake Louise, Canada, with over 20 years’ experience in avalanche forecasting, ski patrolling as well as ski guiding. He also importantly has a wealth of experience training and mentoring alpine safety professionals in field hazard assessment as a Level 3 professional with the Canadian Avalanche Association. Recently Craig was also appointed the President of Mountain Safety Collective to add to a Level 2 forecaster and dozens of experienced MSC volunteers working on this advisory service.

”Thanks to the support and work from Outdoors Victoria & Parks Victoria, Mountain Safety Collective is delivering a public service at a government recognised standard.” – Simon Murray (MSC) Please save this link permanently on your phone and pass to all your friends, family and colleagues.