Outdoor Activity and Recreation Provider

  • Rock Climbing Guide
  • Skiing instructor
  • School Camp Activity Instructor
  • Water sports instructor (Kayaking, Rafting, Canoeing, Surfing guides and instructors, etc)
  • Fishing Tour Provider
  • Travel Guide

Program Officer (Outdoor Camps)

  • School Camp Activity Instructor
  • School Camp Program Assistant
  • School Camp Facilitator
  • Outdoor Education Teacher

    Program Logistics and Team Leaders

    • Outdoor Camp Manager
    • Outdoor Camp Activities Programmer
    • Recreation Risk Manager
    • Camp Administrator
    • Recreation Events Manager
    • Programs Co-ordinator

        Outdoor Educators

        • Bush Kindergarden Teacher
        • Primary School Teacher (P-6)
        • Secondary School Teacher (7-12)
        • TAFE Teacher
        • University Lecturer
        • School Camp Teacher
        • Zoo & Parks Teacher

          Paid Positions at State Activity Peaks, Clubs and Community Groups

          • Social Media Manager
          • Administration Assistant
          • Events co-ordinator
          • Finance Officer
          • Field Staff Manager
          • Project Officer
          • Policy Writer
          • Community Group Manager

            Bush Adventure Therapist

            • Wilderness Adventure Therapist
            • Adventure Intervention Officer
            • Bush Adventure Therapy Facilitator
            • Director Therapist
            • Outdoor Educators


              Tafe & Registered Training Organisations (RTOS)

              • Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
              • Diploma of Outdoor Recreation
              • Diploma of Outdoor Leadership
              • Diploma in Business Management
              • Diploma of Communication & Social Media
              • Diploma of Outdoor Education
              • Diploma of Early Childhood
              • Diploma of Youth Work

              Higher Education

              • Bachelor of Nature Tourism
              • Bachelor of Education
                (P-12 and/or Outdoor Education)
              • Bachelor of Arts (Sports Administration)
              • Bachelor Degree (Finance, Business, Marketing, Tourism, etc.)
              • Bachelor of Business Management
              • Bachelor of Health Sciences
              • Graduate study in Family Therapy and System Therapy
              • Masters of Business Administration
              • Master of Public Health
              • Master of Social Work
              • Masters of Teaching

              Have you considered a traineeship?

              One year of paid work with an Outdoor Leadership qualification (Cert IV) at the end! More information to come!

              WHERE TO STUDY

              Tertiary Courses: TAFE & Registered Training Organisations (RTOS)

              Course information

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              Course information

              Tertiary Courses – Universities