Last week Parks Victoria issued a media release announcing updates regarding Taipan Wall and Bundaleer sites within the Grampians National Park. Gariwerd Wimmera Reconciliation Network’s (GWRN) also issued their media release related to the same site.

OV continues to work with many stakeholders involved in the climbing restrictions and new temporary protection zones. Further news of our actions will be released in future OV Bulletins or the monthly Newsletter.

In addition, OV and Sport Climbing Victoria (SCV) have completed the first round of stakeholder consultation and now are identifying operational models for a possible peak climbing body in Victoria. The Founding Council, which includes a number of climbing clubs, groups as well as OV and SCV is meeting late August to discuss these, before likely further consultation across the climbing community.

We urge readers to take the time to digest the content of both releases and would like to point out some of the very informative ‘further information’ in GWRN’s release that will empower the reader who may feel alarmed at the news.
Further information content headings in GWRN’s release:

  • Where can I find out more information about the recent announcements?
  • Why was GWRN asked to be involved in the site assessments?
  • Why is GWRN involved when other similarly qualified climbers or climbing organisations have not been invited?
  • Given these are temporary closures, how long is this likely to take and what is the process?
  • How can the climbing community and climbing organisations show support and be involved?
  • What is GWRN doing to prepare and support the community for working with Traditional Owners in this way?
  • What can we share about what was discussed on site?
  • in closing What is the long term goal of these site assessments?

” …..The intention of these conversations is not about trying to close climbing, but about trying to understand if, and how, cultural values and climbing can co-exist. The more these conversations are focused on increased understanding and respect the better we are all positioned to consider sustainable solutions for the future. None of us know what the endpoint is but we believe this new direction is a positive step that has enabled better understanding of recreational uses at a more fine grained level….” Kind Regards  GWRN Team