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CALLING FOR NOMINATIONS TO HELP DRAFT new Australian Adventure Activity Standards.

If you have expertise in any of the fields below, now is your chance to bring your knowledge to the table and help influence the national guidelines for that activity for years to come.

Nominations close at 9.00am (AEDT) 23rd Jan 2017.

Three separate Technical Working Groups (TWG) to draft the activity specific AAS are needed for:

For more information go to the Australian Adventure Activity Standards website

*Please note: these positions are voluntary 

What are the Adventure Activity Standards (AAS)?

Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) are industry best practice guidelines used to manage risk and safety across a wide range of outdoor adventure activities. They are designed to be used by skilled outdoor leaders who are responsible for participants in these activities.

Currently, each state and territory maintains its own set of standards (see the current AAS page). However, this has resulted in unnecessary duplication, lack of coordination among jurisdictions, and less sharing of expertise and experiences about how to best manage safety and risk outdoors.

The industry and government bodies responsible for AAS development have therefore decided to develop a single set of Australian Adventure Activity Standards.

The Australian AAS will have many benefits over the existing system:
A single set of standards will ensure outdoor professionals are pooling their expertise and experiences at a national level, resulting in higher quality standards and less chance of confusion.

Consistency across Australia will improve professional mobility, and reduce compliance costs for operators working in multiple jurisdictions.

The cost of standards development will be reduced.

Outdoor activity leaders will be able to spend less time keeping tabs on multiple standards, and more time taking people into Australia’s great outdoors.

For more information on the changes go to the Australian AAS website