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Announcing the exciting addition of Cathryn Carpenter & Sandy Allen-Craig who, in their keynote presentation “Enhancing wellbeing in the outdoors:  Being Well – Living Well – Teaching Well” will be sharing current research highlighting key factors that influence wellbeing as well as sharing what has resonated with them in their quest to enhance the lives of those they work with. Their keynote will be on Saturday afternoon.




Rachael-Sharman-600-pxAnd Dr Rachael Sharman who inspired everyone so much at the national conference we just had to invite her down to Victoria. Rachael’s keynote address: “Every parent wants their child to grow into a strong, successful human being, but how is this best achieved?” on Friday afternoon is highly anticipated.

Articles you might like to read first : Free-range kids could become healthier, happier adults … & Too much screen time and too little outside play is holding back our kids






geoff adams 600 xRecognise this guy? Probably not. It looks nothing like him, but if I say Geoff Adams you are sure to know who I’m talking about. Geoff, from Federation University, has been a big part of the organisation of this years event & is also presenting research addressing the question of whether the learning from outdoor programs is transferred back to the participant’s everyday contexts. His Saturday session; “Transfer of learning – are we really making a difference?” is not to be missed.





Pof paul salmonavatar600Doing it for the kids: Toward a Happy, Healthy and Resilient Outdoor Recreation System

Professor Paul Salmon is again joining us for 2016. This time to address an important question  “Is the outdoor recreation system in Victoria and indeed Australia happy, healthy and resilient?” Join Paul on Friday afternoon, who will discuss his insightful ideas and practical methods on addressing the subject. We can’t wait to here about the outcomes of this discussion. See you there.

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