School camps and outdoor activity providers in Victoria have been back in operation since the end of lockdown  in early November. Additionally, last week, Premier Andrews & Deputy Premier Merlino announced the $112.9 million Positive Start in 2022 initiative which will help Victorian kids enjoy the best camps, sports programs and cultural experiences Victoria has to offer.


These are just a couple of reasons there is a critical need for skilled workers to enter, or re-enter, the outdoor sector workforce.

In order to assist those looking for a career in the outdoors we have provided a few links to websites where opportunities in the outdoors are regularly posted. Note that Outdoors Victoria does not investigate or provide any representations in relation to information on websites not hosted by Outdoors Victoria.


  • ADVENTURE PRO:  a portal designed specifically for the outdoor industry with jobs, courses and adventure guides.
  • SEEK: Search for a specific job or search for ‘Outdoors’ which should bring up relevant results
  • COOEEads: The job advertising and information arm of Project Nature-Ed – a business committed to the sustainable use, knowledge and protection of natural areas.
  • Facebook: there are a couple of groups where opportunities are regularly posted.
    Bendigo Outdoor Freelance forum (BOFF)
    Aussie Freelance Outdoor Instructors

    As well as ongoing work, these opportunities often include freelance and contract work for which you should seek appropriate advice on terms and conditions.