OV was recently made aware of proposed amendments for all Victorian public water, which had passed the Lower House of the Victorian parliament.

Read the full Marine Safety Act Amendment Bill here
A number of concerned peak and representative bodies wrote to Minister Donnellan, Minister of Ports with a summary of concerns:

  • That these representative bodies were not consulted during the penning of the proposed amendments
  • The penalties are severe
  • It listed a school excursion with kayaks as one example of an “event”
  • The wording around provision of rescue services was vague
  • The wording around the requirement to communicate with third parties and potential third parties surrounding the activity was also non-specific

Last week, OV Board member Anthony Hall and CEO Andrew Knight, with input from Chris Townsend at La Trobe University, attended a round table briefing of the peak and representative bodies, organised by the Senior Advisor of the Ports Minister.

The outcome was that DEDJTR, the Department charged with penning the legislation, and Maritime Safety Victoria MSV committed to responding to the concerns and potentially amend the proposed legislation.
We will continue to keep you updated.

Please contact Andrew Knight if you have any queries