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Released 15/12/2015

Doctoral researcher, David Marsden from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, is calling on outdoor professionals from organisations that provide services to schools to participate in the Australian Outdoor Education Leadership Survey.  If you are an outdoor leader, educator, guide, instructor, coordinator or manager working in any context from residential camping to international expeditions then the survey is targeted at you.

“The online survey is the first national phase of a research study aiming to identify the knowledge, skill and practical experience required of outdoor education leaders in Australia,” David Marsden said.

“Several stages of the research have already been completed and have successfully identified a range of knowledge, skill and practical experience through the Victorian focused phases and it is now vital to test these findings in a national context.”

“The survey will provide us with insights into outdoor education leadership through better understanding the knowledge, skill and experience needed by outdoor educators in Australia.  It is envisaged that the findings will inform the content of outdoor educator training and qualifications whilst also providing clarity regarding the role of practical experience.”

If you have not yet completed the survey and you would like to participate, you can access the online survey via The Australian Outdoor Leadership Survey,  on facebook at www.facebook.com/AUSOEL or contact David Marsden direct on david.marsden2@vu.edu.au

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