Capacity Sports

Capacity Sports

We are a large-scale, large volume canoe and kayak specialist in the paddling world. With our extensive range (over 20 brands) we're confident in saying that if we don't have something to suit your requirements it most likely doesn't exist ! ! !

Address: 225 Bay Rd Sandringham VIC 3191

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With over 30 years experience providing equipment to the Australian paddling community (incl. Australian Defence force, Government and schools) you can be assured of:

** Best range of Kayaks, Canoes and other paddling equipment
** Best advice – We base our recommendations on your objectives

** BEST PRICES – ALWAYS – Our size is your savings™ – As a large volume specialist we are able to offer you the best prices possible backed up by excellent service. Our products are discounted – we pass on our savings, rather than have a sale. If you’ve managed to find a better price elsewhere, let us know and we’ll beat it..It’s that simple!!

We’re always adding new kayak brands and kayak models to our range; So don’t assume that if it’s not on our website we don’t stock the kayak or kayaking gear that you’re looking for.