Native forest logging and the case for a Great Forest National Park

Native forest logging and the case for a Great Forest National Park


11:45 – 12:35 pm
14th of July

Room: Silver Leaf

Jodi Evans

The recent decision to bring forward an end to Native Forest Logging in Victoria has been a long time coming and a hard-fought battle for many local environmental groups. The online film series ‘End to an End’ unpacks the concept that activism comes in many different forms – even running. This session will explore the debates, statistics, conflicts, activism and science behind native forest logging as well as the complexity of filmmaking/storytelling such a live and volatile issue. As logging draws to a close, the next step is to protect these vulnerable areas, which is where the Outdoors Victoria community come in: advocating for the creation of a new National Park that we can all enjoy and learn from.

About the Presenters

As the self-proclaimed face of imposter syndrome, Jodi has a hard time admitting her current work as a Field Producer. Much more comfortable talking about her years spent as an Outdoor Education teacher and Lecturer, she believes there is great synergy in using film as a teaching resource. She had hoped that her detour into environmental filmmaking might allow her to meet Leonardo DiCaprio; instead she currently works with local Victorian filmmaker Beau Miles.

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