Nature Stewards is proud to have partnered with the City of Melbourne once again, together with Citiwide, to train staff taking part in the ‘Greening the City’ project as part of the broader Working for Victoria initiative. This has been an excellent opportunity to support Victorians to learn from an expert facilitator, local traditional custodians and other environmental specialists, about their State and local environments, together with finding out where and how to act for nature locally, during the Stage 4 COVID19 lockdown.

The two programs have been a great success, with feedback such as:

General feedback:

In this tough time (lockdown), I felt connected, connected to the people I work with, connected to an intellectual stimuli, connected to some amazing beings from various organizations … and more importantly connected to Nature, because the program truly changed my point of view towards the nature. Now I feel confident when I am in Nature, connected when I see some insects, animals, or plants, and proud when I know that I have some knowledge about this. Now, this will help me to take my curiosity to another level and given me a chance to explore more. Thanks Nature Stewards Program and thank you. – Krishna


Amazing place to start off with if you want to learn about the environment. – Krishna

I get and gain to share the knowledge, skills, and passion for nature, planting, wildlife, native plants and animals, and biodiversity – Sabina

Explore your nature, environment, that’s the best way to heal yourself. – Avash

Best thing about the program?

The best things about this program for me its to learn more about Australia and nature here is very interesting – Julien

Intend to use what you have learnt?

I will use for my future work and for my life – Julien

I want to make more time to connect with nature, since completing the course I have had multiple outings to Westgate Park, Newport Lakes and Newell’s Paddock Urban Nature Park.- Ashlea

In my daily work life, my thinking and many things – Avash

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