In response to the challenges of the past year, the need to further unite & strengthen the outdoor sector nationally has been identified by the Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA).

The OCA Board, which is made up of CEOs and Presidents of many of the State and National outdoor sector peaks, has committed to inviting 100 sector representatives to gather together this year for a National Summit.

Given the uncertainty in the current operating environment regarding interstate travel, the OCA is investigating options to make this a hybrid event with some people attending in person and others online.

There have been a lot of conversations recently, many including people in Victoria, to flesh out the details of What When & How we can make this summit a success.
Some but definitely not all of the items we plan to cover:

·       Effective communication on outdoor sector careers
·       Training pathways
·       Accreditation and safety
·       Superior service offer
·       Galvanised marketing of the sectors
·       Pay and conditions
·       Retention of professionals across the sectors

We plan to form working groups around these discussions, who will then report back to the larger group  to  facilitate action.

OCA are working through the finer details to ensure we collect reflections and ideas from those connected to the outdoors. We will be back to you soon with more detail on how you can contribute.

Andrew Knight, OV CEO