The OCA summit held in May 2021 involved a preparation survey inviting attendees to voice their priorities in relation to change for the industry. This was then ratified at the summit and 5 groups were formed to continue discussion.
These included:
  • Pay conditions and retention of staff
  • Training and career pathways
  • Industry frameworks
  • Access & inclusion &
  • Promotion of the industry

Three priority areas were quickly identified as manageable areas to start work on, with matters of ‘access’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘promotion of the industry’ considerations for each of the working groups. 

The groups have been formed under these titles: 

  • Attraction and retention of outdoor workers
  • Outdoor qualifications and training pathways
  • Industry accreditation and frameworks.

The three groups have begun meeting this moth to form up guidelines for working together, moving forward. Over time, gaps in skills and experience will be identified for different projects and we’ll be asking for expressions of interest from within our community and external experts to fill these gaps. 
We will continue to keep you updated on developments and initiatives that emerge.
I am the Facilitator (ie.Secretary) of the ‘Outdoor Qualifications and Pathways’ working group, so reach to me if you have any queries:

Andrew Knight, OV CEO