Outdoor Activity and Recreation Provider

Careers in the Outdoors

Outdoor Activity and Recreation Provider


Being an outdoor activity and recreation provider is a broad category that encompasses a range of positions, including an outdoor activity instructor, activity staff member, outdoor education assistant, or group leader. These roles are not always tied to specific camps or locations; for example, you may be a qualified kayak instructor and own and operate a small kayaking company; you may work with multiple schools, and community groups at many different locations.

Popular job titles in this job include:

  • Rock Climbing Guide 
  • Skiing Instructor 
  • School Camp Activity Instructor 
  • Watersports Instructor (Kayaking, Rafting, Canoeing, Surfing guides & Instructor, etc.)
  • Fishing Tour Provider
  • Travel Guide

A career fit for those who like to..

  • Be active & spend time outdoors
  • Share new outdoor experiences with others
  • Challenge themselves & others

Salary Range

Casual & Freelance

$15 – $60 per hour*

*Hourly rates vary based on activity
and/or service being provided.

Contracted & Salary

$35k – $75k per year*

*Dependants on skills, qualification, activity, provider, etc.

Qualification Pathways

Study pathways to this job may include:

Registered Training Providers (RTOs):
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Activity specific e.g. Climbing, Bushwalking, Paddling, etc.
  • Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
  • Diploma of Outdoor Recreation
Higher Education:
  • Bachelor of Nature Tourism
  • Bachelor of Outdoor Education