Outdoor Education and Climate Change. Poles Apart?

Outdoor Education and Climate Change. Poles Apart?


2:25 – 3:15 pm
Thursday 13th of July

Room: Aunty Dots Auditorium

Lucas Bester

Outdoor Education has long offered claims of environmentalism in its overall aims and rationale, however it has been recognised that how we teach and learn about climate change is different from other environmental issues. There are distinct cognitive, social, psychological, behavioural and cultural challenges that can limit our role in addressing anthropogenic induced climate change. We discuss some of the root causes of these challenges and offer pathways and signposts for deeper learning.

About the Presenters

Lucas is the course coordinator of the Bachelor of Outdoor & Sustainability Education and teaches into a range of subjects both practical and philosophical at La Trobe University. His teaching and research focus on ways that shape sustainable and ecological forms of education, with particular reference to place, time and relational pedagogies.

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