Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education (OE) is a study subject in schooling that focuses on learning about self, others and the environment.

Outdoor Education (OE)

  • incorporates a number of learning outcomes from other subjects such as Health and Physical Education, Geography, History, Science, Mathematics, English and Art
  • is uniquely placed to teach cross-disciplinary components of the curriculum such as Aboriginal perspectives of land and country, conservation and sustainability
  • is the subject which is best placed to teach self-reliance, interdependence and leadership, the development of an adventurous spirit, managing personal risks, safe journeys in nature, the value of life-long outdoor recreation for enjoyment, health and well-being, understanding nature through direct experience and studying, and for developing deeper human-nature relationships.
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Outdoors Victoria Conference

The Education Outdoor Conference is a major annual event that provides professional learning for teachers, educators and students within the Outdoor Education sector.

Save the Date for Conference 2023!

The next annual OV Conference will be held on Thursday 13th July & Friday 14th July, 2023 at Box Hill Institute Lakeside Lilydale Campus.