Toolkits for Teachers

Outdoor Learning

Toolkits for Teachers

The Outdoor Learning Toolkits are resources dedicated to helping teachers increase their confidence in taking students into the outdoors across a variety of curriculum focus areas.

Through DET’s Strategic Partnership Program funding (SPP), Outdoors Victoria, as the lead organisation, in partnership with ACHPER Victoria (Australian Council Health Physical Education and Recreation), EEV (Environment Education Victoria),  GTAV (Geography Teachers Association of Victoria) and Parks Victoria have created a series of Teacher Toolkit resources to encourage the use of the outdoors within your everyday classes.

Defining Outdoor Learning through the Australian Curriculum

Outdoor learning engages students in practical and active learning experiences in natural environments and settings, and this typically takes place beyond the school classroom. In these environments, students develop the skills and understandings to move safely and competently while valuing a positive relationship with natural environments and promoting the sustainable use of these environments.

What are the benefits of Outdoor Learning for students?

Having students engage in Outdoor Learning has been shown to provide many benefits across schooling. As noted in the Australian Curriculum

Students can gain unique and specific benefits from outdoor learning, including skills and understandings, while valuing a positive relationship with natural environments and promote sustainable use of these environments.

In document One “Introduction” Pages 5-7 unpack these peer reviewed research benefits in a greater detail.

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