Climate Change, Our Biggest Issue: Connecting Meaningfully with Participants and Role Modelling Deep Engagement

Thursday 26th May

Session 2

1.20pm – 2.10pm 

Room: TBA


Nature & Climate

As outdoor educators, we care for the people we serve and the natural environments where we work. Sadly, climate change is already impacting our ecosystems, communities and young people, through worsening bushfire and flooding events, climate anxiety and more. Climate change asks each of us to consider how we can best step up to protect what we love and benefit from positive change.

Teaching and guiding in nature, we’ve had the unique opportunity to connect with hearts and minds about conservation issues. To address climate change we need to grow political will for the solutions. As such, talking to others about climate change and climate solutions is one of the most impactful actions we can take. And whilst young people aren’t yet voting, we mustn’t underestimate their moral and intergenerational influence.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

  • Why talking about climate matters
  • Evidence based tips for effective climate communications
  • Practical ideas for the field
  • Actions we can take personally, as citizens and community members, to role model deep engagement

After the session you’ll receive further reading and resources

Whether you are already active with the issue or not at all we encourage everyone to join our welcoming and friendly space for this important conversation. Whilst designed for outdoor educators and teachers, the content will be highly relevant for all.

Damon Angelopulo

Outdoors People for Climate

Damon is a passionate outdoor professional and climate advocate. In the outdoors, he has worked around Australia, in outdoor education as an instructor and program coordinator, for Outward Bound Australia and others, and as a bushwalk guide. A passionate surfer, hiker, canyoner and trail runner, Damon spends much of his free time in the outdoors. A life-affirming trip for him was walking the Australian Alpine Walking Track, from Walhalla Vic, to Tharwa ACT. Damon is currently an executive director with Outdoors People for Climate, where he volunteers his time and passion towards working alongside the outdoor community to address climate change.

Outdoors People for Climate is an Australia-wide grassroots Not For Profit organisation, which works to connect outdoor enthusiasts and professionals with the issue of climate change. Connecting from this shared love of the outdoors, we work to equip individuals and businesses with inspiration, information and meaningful opportunities for action, so we can work together to protect what we love and benefit from a greener world.