Coastal Education as Conversation with Landscape

Thursday 26th May
Session 4
3.45pm – 4.35pm
Room: TBA
Education & Outdoor Learning, Nature & Climate

Coastal education is important. It is estimated that 90% of the Australian population live within 100km of the coast (ABS, 2018). The coast has shaped Australian culture, identity, and lifestyle. Not surprisingly, coastal activities play a large role in school based outdoor education programs, yet it is strange how little we know about learning on the coast. Strange how little we emphasise coast as place, as landscape. In this conversational workshop, join Ponch and Prinsy for a discussion about how we can make coastal education more relevant and meaningful for the students we teach.

happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Alex Prins

Federation University

Alex is a lecturer of outdoor and physical education at Federation University Australia. After more than a decade of teaching at a secondary and tertiary level his passion for teaching & learning, active lifestyles and being on the beach have begun to blur. He is particularly interested in outdoor education, the subjective experience of the learner and being on the coast.

happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Brian Wattchow

Brian is a retired Senior Lecturer in Outdoor Education. He has over 30 years of experience teaching, guiding and researching in outdoor education. His research interests include sense of place, landscape and storytelling. In 2010, he completed a 2500 km canoe descent of River Murray and published his first collection of poetry titled The Song of the Wounded River (Ginninderra Press, 2010). He co-authored A Pedagogy of place: Outdoor education for a changing world (Monash University Publishing, 2011) and was lead editor and author of The socio-ecological educator: A 21st Century renewal of sport, physical, health, environment and outdoor education (Springer, 2014).