Connection Before Content: A Pathway to Wellbeing

Friday 27th May
Session 5
10.45am – 11.35am 
Room: TBA
Practical session
Education & Outdoor Learning

The science is in: educational programs which intentionally develop trusting & healthy relationships out-perform all other curricula on so many levels – greater participation, improved academic performance, stronger & more resilient communities. This session will present a series of fun group games and activities which can easily be integrated into your existing outdoor programs to help your participants feel valued, supported and connected to one another. Mark will also lead a discussion to explore the latest science and research which supports and encourages the intentional development of wellbeing as the central focus of group-based programs. In addition to learning a bunch of fun activity ideas (to use immediately in your setting,) you will gain a solid understanding of why building connections before diving into your content is so important to the well-being of your groups.

Mark Collard

Mark is an experiential trainer, speaker & author. As the founding director of playmeo, he is best known for developing the largest online database of experiential & adventure-based activities in the world. Over a career spanning more than 32 years, he has worked with tens of thousands of people using group games & activities to help them play, interact, build trust and connect. Mark is the author of five top-selling books, including No Props No Problem, Count Me In & Serious Fun. Personally, he has been hit by lightning twice, has spent more than 5 months of his life inside a plane crisscrossing the globe and camped on the lawns of Australia’s Parliament House for 3 days as part of a logging protest. He lives in Melbourne’s east with his gorgeous wife and son.