Ecological thinking: Collaborations with the more than human world

Thursday 26th May
Session 3
Room: Stringybark 1 | Level 3
Education & Outdoor Learning
Nature & Climate

Post anthropocentrism has realized a disconnect between current capitalist habits and needs and the environment we inhabit on Earth. Fueled by neo liberal capitalist forces, educational systems have created a culture advocating for dualistic thinking. This reality places graduates, faced with uncertainties such as climate change, COVID-19 pandemic and jostling global political powers, feeling lost and powerless. Posthuman knowledge aims to turn pain and anxiety into action for all human and non-human. Echoing this aspiration, UNESCO calls for education to accept the constant and expected change and prepare students accordingly. Aboriginal Pedagogy appears well tested and well placed to provide the vehicle to bridge the gap developing students’ relationship with knowledge to both suit their present challenges whilst providing an ontology favorable to a healthy and thriving world into the future. Given the mutual significance our greatest challenge may also serve the overdue need to unite and reconcile our history.

happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Derek Cook & Afsanah Torabi

Up the Creek

After 25 years curating learning environments outdoors Derek is focused on collaborating with forces beyond our direct control. Like turning your torch of on a dark beach, other light becomes obvious and awe sets in. In the anthroposcene growing complexity is the new normal. It’s time to play with complex things and enjoy journeys into the unknown. Let’s collaborate with the more than human world.