Getting Back into the Bush after the Burn

Friday 27th May
Session 6
11.50pm- 12.40pm
Room: TBA
Outdoor Businesses & NFP’s
Nature & Climate  

Outward Bound Australia was badly impacted by the Black Summer bushfires, with the devastation of our main operating areas, except Western Australia.  Getting back into the bush after the burn requires a long pathway of challenging activities. This session shares Outward Bound’s experience, challenges and learning from this process. This includes the initial response and regroup phase, accessing insurance and support, adapting and establishing alternatives, risk and safety issues, and the practicalities of re-establishing programs and operations in bushfire regeneration areas. It reveals the process as lengthy and multi-faceted, incorporating complex interplays between human, environmental and business factors.


happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Loren Miller

Executive Director and Co-Chair, Outward Bound Australia

B Sc (Monash University), Dip Ed (University of Melbourne), MBA (University of Melbourne), Grad Cert Public Policy (University of Melbourne), D Ed (University of Melbourne), AICD, CPA.

As Executive Director and Co-Chair Chair, Loren is leading Outward Bound Australia through this demanding time of challenge and change. Loren appreciates the spirit of Outward Bound, having worked as an instructor in the 1980s. She knows outdoor education well, as a teacher and from working with OEG and Sport and Recreation Victoria. Her career has extended to management consulting with the Boston Consulting Group and senior executive strategy and finance roles with Monash, RMIT and Melbourne Universities. With CPA. AICD, MBA and Doctorate of Education qualifications, she brings an exemplary skill set to steward OBA through this pivotal period with an innovation agenda for the future.


happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Helene de Lagillardaie

Head of Program Operations, Outward Bound Australia

Helene joined Outward Bound Australia in 2017 and leads Program Operations. Helene was awarded the Australian Outdoor Education Practitioner of the Year in 2021.  She has an honours degree in outdoor adventure and nature guiding (Norway), and a Bachelor of Sports Science (France), and is highly skilled in white water paddling, climbing and other outdoor pursuits.  Helene models strong confident outdoor education practice and leadership in a new generation way. Outward Bound’s transformation through bushfires and COVID would not have been possible without her lion-hearted dedication to high standards and her work ethic superpower.