The Power of People : Opening keynote – Libbi Gorr

Thursday 26th May
10.00am – 11.00 am, including 15 mins for Q & A 
Room: Aunty Dot Peters Auditorium

The People Collector: Libbi Gorr

Libbi Gorr is a broadcaster and key creative working across all forms of media film and journalism. The common feature between all her work is the lived experience of people – whether that be on talkback radio during her decade with @abcmelbourne, interviewing high achievers and people next store with her storytelling work with McFeast or 7.30, or her myriad of articles and stories. Her intention is to get you talking today.

Libbi Gorr loves collecting people. Over her vast and varied creative and journalistic career, she’s collected a lot of folk along the way. And the power of this collection  lies within the relationships. In Libbi’s keynote, the Power of People, Libbi shares with you the alchemy of relationship – of being unafraid to meet new people, of using your voice to establish new connections that can enrich and expand not just your professional network, but your own personal horizons. After two years in various stages of isolation during which Victorians have reenergized their relationship with nature,  its time to reconnect. Libbi is the bridge to the bold new world of new people.

happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Libbi Gorr

Libbi Gorr is a bold and beautiful storyteller who has captured the imagination of Australia over many years with her unique and innovative brand of insight, authenticity, hard truths and humour.
Her work has been seen as a guest reporter on ABC 7.30, ABC News Breakfast with a Remote Communities project, ABC International Women’s Day Specials as Creator, Producer and Host and of course across her Huge, ground breaking and award winning Elle McFeast Portfolio in the 1990’s on ABC TV, with a focus on feminism, comedy and social issues.

Libbi also is a devoted family person, with a partner and two children. As such to accommodate that, she has devoted the last nine years to her position on the ABC Radio Melbourne and Victoria broadcast team with ABC Local Radio, and for the last three years Lib presented the Saturday and Sunday morning programs across Melbourne and the State. This was particularly challenging during Victoria’s intense COVID Lockdown experience, but Libbi’s natural empathy, productivity and determination to keep audiences buoyant pushed her skills to the limit and garnered huge audience support.

Libbi has emerged from Victoria’s incredibly challenging COVID 19 experience determined to reinvigorate and recalibrate her own creative, journalistic and professional passions to find a new tribe create great things. and set her own boundaries for what she can achieve.
Libbi brings her lived experience as broadcaster, humorist, lawyer and working woman with a family to you now .