Protecting our Natural Environment While We Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Friday 27th May
Session 5
10.45am- 11.35am 
Room: TBA
Nature & Climate

The Conservation Regulator regulates the use of public land, wildlife, biodiversity, fire prevention and timber harvesting in Victoria. Our key outcomes are to ensure that everyone has equitable and safety access to public land, and that we protect nature for future generations to enjoy. In Victoria, we have beautiful natural landscapes and invaluable cultural heritage. We have clear rules in place to protect these assets and values, and the Conservation Regulator plays an important role in raising awareness of these various rules and regulations, and what can happen if we don’t comply. This presentation is an opportunity to highlight the educational opportunities for people using Victoria’s great outdoors and the rules that exist to protect the very landscapes and environments that we love to be in.

Kate Gavens

Office of the Chief Conservation Regulator

Kate is the inaugural Chief Conservation Regulator for Victoria.  Over the past two years, Kate has established the Conservation Regulator and is leading significant reform to develop an effective, best-practice and effective regulator for wildlife, forestry and public land crime.  Over her career Kate has delivered significant environment protection reforms and prior to this current role, lead the modernisation of Victoria’s Environment Protection Act, a once in a generation reform.  Kate is committed to championing diversity and innovation within the areas she leads with a focus on empowering staff to deliver for the Victorian community.