Sustainability and Waste Management on Outdoor Education Programs

Friday 27th May
Session 6
11.50pm- 12.40pm
Room: TBA
Education & Outdoor Learning, Nature & Climate

This workshop will explore our sustainability and waste management journey at Brighton Grammar School. We will share how we have implemented systems and practices over the years to lower our environmental impacts, whilst allowing thousands of students to enjoy the great outdoors. We will discuss our tips and tricks, and in return we would love to hear and discuss yours, brainstorming ideas about how we can all move forward in this space.


happy person in the Outdoors with tree and mountain landscape in the background

Bianca Bell & Carly West

Brighton Grammar School

Bianca Bell is a fresh face in the outdoor education world, she started her career in the freelance space working for schools in Victoria and Western Australia. Bianca has been working for Brighton Grammar for going on 6 years and is in the second year of her career as a program coordinator. She completed her studies with a Bachelor of Outdoor Education at La Trobe Bendigo. Bianca believes passion for the outdoors is contagious, she also enjoys yoga, running and a well set up tarp.

Carly has worked at Brighton Grammar School for 7 years, currently the Acting Deputy Head of the Outdoor Education Department. She studied a Bachelor of Outdoor Education at Bendigo La Trobe, is a passionate environmentalist and loves supporting students in finding connections to outdoor environments. Carly has been educating young people in the outdoors for 15 years.