Wild Pedagogies and the Idea of Nature as Co-teacher

Thursday 26th May
Session 1
11.30am- 12.20pm
Room: TBA
Education & Outdoor Learning

Wild Pedagogies is a gathering together of ideas around wildness, wilderness, education, and the environmental crises of our time. A key aim in using the term wild is to challenge dominant cultural ideas about control—of each other, of nature, of education and of learning. This presentation rests on the idea that an important part of education can include intentional activities that provide a fertile field for purposeful experience without controlling the outcomes: hence wild pedagogies. In this presentation I introduce key underpinnings and practices of wild pedagogies and provide an example of what wild pedagogies might look like in action – particularly as it relates to the idea of nature as co-teacher. I will also describe some guiding principles, or touchstones, for wild pedagogies in practice. In this way I hope to provoke a discussion as part of the presentation.

Marcus Morse, PhD.

Senior Lecturer / Course Coordinator, Outdoor and Environmental Education, La Trobe University

Marcus grew up in Tasmania where he spent time in its rivers, mountains, and coastlines. As a
Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator for Outdoor and Sustainability Education at La Trobe
University, he is passionate about learning in a range of outdoor contexts. Marcus’ research interests
are in the areas of community engagement projects (City Studio), Wild Pedagogies, and outdoor
environmental philosophy.