1,211 ways to get outdoors 

Out of curiosity, Outdoors Victoria recently did a tally of how many outdoor sport and recreation clubs were active in Victoria. We figured a couple of hundred. The real number is a whopping 1,211 clubs, covering 22 different activity categories. From hang gliding to caving, and everything between heaven and earth, we estimate that these clubs involve 40,000 to 50,000 Victorians as formal members, and there are many times that number who participate in outdoors activities outside the club structure.

These are big numbers, but clubs are only the beginning. Consider also that Victoria is home to 1,017 scouts and guides groups, more than 500 registered nature-based tourism operators, around 500 camps and caravan parks, and dozens of outdoor education programs. AND, that’s before counting activities like geocaching that are run through informal online networks or other decentralised communities.

You can have a look at the detail on outdoor recreation clubs in our latest “outdoors insight” policy briefing.

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