Government policies for an outdoors-oriented society

Government policy and investment decisions profoundly shape how we experience nature. Good policies can ensure that everybody has the opportunity to get outdoors.

Conversely, lack of investment can limit access and discourage economic development in the outdoors sector.

Want a thriving visitor economy? Outdoors experiences are key, especially in regional Victoria, through nature-based and adventure tourism, as well as outdoor education programs.

Want good health care? Outdoors activity is a highly efficient way of increasing mental and physical health – and reducing health care costs. Getting people reconnected with nature must be a part of our preventative health care system.

Want a world-class education system? Study after study shows that kids learn better when outdoor and nature-based experiences are a regular, integrated part of their education. Same goes for adults, by the way.

Want a sustainable future? Getting people connected with nature is an essential condition for a society that cares for the environment and takes action to protect it.


An outdoors-oriented lifestyle is a hallmark of Australian culture and identity. We hope it will always be so. As the leading voice for the outdoors in Victoria, we advocate on an independent, strictly nonpartisan basis for policies to foster an outdoors-oriented society.

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