The final version of the Marine Safety Act recently passed through the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament

Thanks to the successful collaboration of OV’s staff, and Board, with advice from Chris Townsend from Latrobe University, and Peak bodies, including the Boating Industry Council of Victoria and Sailing Australia, some reasonable changes to the proposed amendments were made.

Outdoors Victoria has made a productive contribution to the changes of these amendments, swiftly notifying Canoeing Victoria &  Life Saving Victoria whilst liaising with the Department of Education, as the first draft of the amendments had already passed the Lower House.

Read the full Bill amendment here

Key points that have been changed:

  • People leading a boating activity were initially required to communicate with all third parties and potential third parties, about the event/excursion’s details. This has been deleted altogether.
  • The changes mean the Amended Act now cannot imprison or fine “volunteers” or “employees” (as defined in the OH&S Act) – and there is now a definition of the “Duty Holder” who takes responsibility.
  • Another positive change is the inclusion in the bill referring individuals to:  ” 3 (b) comply, so far as is reasonably practicable, with accepted safety standards or manuals that are specific to the type of boating activity event being undertaken”
  • In addition to the above point, the inclusion of the wording “so far as is reasonably practicable” throughout the document is seen as a positive.