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Information for Parents/Carers and Students

Welcome to the Information for Parents/Carers and Students section. On this webpage, you will find all information you need about the Positive Start Journey-based program.

The Positive Start in 2022 is a fantastic initiative intended to provide additional camps and programs for students in 2022. It does not apply to existing camp and program bookings schools already have in place. However, schools can certainly book additional programs to complement and extend upon existing camps and programs.

Positive Start Journey programs are provided to students who probably haven’t had this type of experience before, so the programs are designed to be just right for beginners. Journey programs are a wonderful opportunity for students to build independence and push their boundaries in a new and exciting environment

Students who attend a government or low-fee non-government school are eligible for Positive Start 2022. The best part? There is absolutely no cost involved in Positive Start Programs, that means no fee for parents/carers or schools.

Check with your school today and see whether they are eligible for Positive Start 2022!

Journey-based programs are a type of school camp, but a bit different. The main difference is that students will spend some time sleeping in tents usually in the Australian bush and the camp will involve some activities that require students to travel from one place to another. Journeys may include different ways of getting around such as bushwalking, canoeing, rafting or mountain biking. The programs will include lots of fun and adventure, they are also challenging and will sometimes push students to do things they did not think they could. But most of all students get to know themselves, their teachers and their classmates better than ever before.

Students do not need experience in this type of camp and the  Positive Start Journey Providers will work closely with your school and teachers to design a program to meet the varying needs of students. For some schools this may involve something more like staying at a base camp and heading out on shorter Journeys from this base. 

Journey Programs are perfect for Year 5 -12  students ready to explore themselves, apply self-discipline, planning and problem-solving techniques, and cooperate with their peers throughout the experience. The results often include:

→ Personal growth, resilience and empowerment 

→ Connection to nature and environmental awareness 

→ Sense of community, teamwork and social cohesion 

→ Life-long skills and memories

Journey-based programs can generally be tailored to provide great outcomes for students in Secondary years and it is also very possible to deliver great supported Journey programs for students in upper Primary years.

The Positive Start Journey program providers are keen to hear from schools no matter the size of your cohort. From groups as small as 12 up to full year levels, there is a provider who can work with your school to deliver a program.

Absolutely everything students need to take part in a Positive Start Journey program is provided, there is no cost to schools or parents/carers. All program and student equipment will be provided by Journey providers; such as tents, hiking packs, waterproof clothing, bikes etc. Even if you don’t have a sleeping bag our providers can provide that too. There are no additional travel costs, this is also included in the program.  

This truly is an incredible opportunity not to miss out on!

The DET has approved eight quality Journey Providers who have committed to offering tailored Journey-based programs to eligible Victorian schools. These Positive Start Journey Providers offer a range of all-inclusive programs to suit your school’s requirements and suitability. 

Take your time to explore the Journey providers below. You will find a link to the provider’s website for further detailed information about their Positive Start Journey programs. Follow the steps outlined in the ‘What’s Next?’ section to secure a booking with your chosen provider.

Outdoors Victoria and DET understand the importance of doing all we can to ensure programs are delivered professionally and that risks are well managed and the student experience is a quality one.

Before being accepted as part of the Positive Start Journey program, providers were required to submit evidence of their suitability and have been approved by DET. OV will also conduct ongoing review of provider suitability to ensure a quality experience. 

It is expected that all providers will operate according to appropriate industry accreditation, applying the Australian Adventure Activity Standards and DET guidelines. Providers must also have suitable Child Protection policies and procedures in place.

All Positive Start Journey Providers have Covid Safe practices in place that meet current government regulations and follow advice from the DHHS. They have been delivering programs when possible throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic and are very capable of ensuring Covid 19 best practice.

For further information regarding the specifics of these practices, please contact the Journey Provider directly.

Journey-based Programs are truly a wonderful experience for any young person to enjoy. To enquire about Positive Start Journey Programs:

→ Contact your school to see if they are Positive Start eligible.
→ Pass on relevant Provider information to your school.

If you require further information about how best to prepare for a Positive Start camp or what to expect, please check out the below pages provided by the Department of Education and Training:

Journey Activity Providers

Contact us for any enquiries that you might have in relation to journey-based camps.

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